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Scam related telephone calls


Scam related telephone calls attempting to target the elderly:
The caller states they are a child/grandchild who is in immediate need of bail money or they are going to be incarcerated. The caller will ask for credit card information or to have the money wired to them at a location which is usually out of state. DO NOT volunteer any information and ask the caller for their phone number and they will usually hang up.

Second scam is a call for fundraising solicitations and requests for volunteer firefighters from a group called Volunteer Firefighter Alliance from Topeka, Kansas.

If you receive this type of call please report it to the Police. If you have elderly parents/grandparents please discuss this with them so these types of scams can be avoided.

Water Authority

The view the Manor Township Joint Municipal Authority website please follow this link  mtjma.com

Recycling News (Trailer Program)

Recycling Trailer Program    

To provide convenience and flexibility to individuals interested in recycling, the Armstrong Recycling Center has placed recycling trailers at eleven locations throughout the county. These trailers are available for use 24-hours per day seven days per week.

Improper Use of Recycling Trailers

It is never appropriate to leave garbage in or around the recycling trailers. Recyclables outside the recycling trailer leave the area unsightly and put the site in danger of having to be removed. If the recycling trailer is full, please take your materials home and contact the Armstrong Recycling Center to have the site serviced.

For a list of Recycling Trailer Sites, please click on the link below.

Recycling Trailer Sites