Tax Collector's Office

The Tax Collector's Office will be closed until further notice.  Payments can be made by mail or dropped in the box at her house.

K-9 Fundraiser at Subway

Hazardous Mitigation Plan

Armstrong county is in the process of updating the countywide hazard Mitigation Plan. Each Municipality within the county has an opportunity to submit projects that create a hazard such a flooding and landslides. The Manor Township Supervisors are actively identifying potential projects and our capabilities to respond these hazards within Manor Township. There are Federal and State Funding programs that may offer funding for these projects, so that they can be mitigated before they happen. 
We are reaching out to the residents of Manor Township for input and help identifying these potential Hazards. If you live in Manor Township and you know of a Hazardous situation or condition, Please contact the Manor Township office with pertinent information 724-763-9215. The Supervisors will then assess the situation and determine if it meets the federal requirements to be considered as a project.